Gemstone Jewelry

Gem refers to the kind of after the pondering and polishing, you can meet the jewelry requirements of the stone or mineral assembly. The color of the beautiful, high hardness, in the atmosphere and the role of chemicals can not afford to change the precious ore. Can be used as instrument bearings, abrasives, decorations and so on. Also refers to the precious stones.
The gem is the most beautiful and precious stone in the rock. They are bright colors, bright colors, shiny bright, hard and durable, while rare, can be made of jewelry and other natural mineral crystals, such as diamonds, crystal, emerald, ruby, sapphire and gold emerald (stone, cat's eye) Lobster, etc .; there are a few are natural single mineral aggregates, such as ice chalcedony, opal There are also a few organic materials such as amber, pearl, coral, coal and ivory, also included in the generalized gem.
Jade is also the beauty of stone. But it also has a bright color, hard and delicate texture, polished with a beautiful luster and other characteristics.

We will offer kinds of gemstone jewelry , include gemstone bracelet , gemstone necklace, gemstone earrings, gemstone pendant, gemstone beads, loose gemstone,natural stone jewelry,gemstone rings and so on.

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